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At we realize how difficult it is to find a soulmate. And especially in America. We would like to be frank about it - it is difficult to find a decent woman in United States.

There are many reasons to this statement. First, with many sexual harrasment laws, a simple look at a woman pretty soon will be considered illegal. Second, it is a fact that there are more men than women in U.S. before age 30. And when you take into account different races and cultures, add obesity and lack of good parenting, it is obvious that meeting the right woman in America has become a real challenge.

We at understand these issues. That is why we provide an ultimate solution - find your soulmate among the beautiful women of former Soviet Union. Russia is famous for high level of education and family standards. Second language, which is often English, is a school requirement. Add to that the fact that there are many more women than men in Russia, and that men are oftentimes alcohol abusers and poor providers, it is no wonder so many beautiful single russian women are looking for a husband abroad.

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