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How Dating Agencies Work

Russian dating agencies usually differ a lot from their Western counterparts.

A typical Western dating agency starts by advertising in Russian and Ukrainian newspapers. They target single women who would be interested to seek a partner abroad. An agency receives letters and photos of women.

After they collect enough information, they launch a website, and offer information and women's addresses to the men. They will sell addresses or membership on the website, or combine both. Western agencies will also offer gift delivery, translation services, and email / letter forwarding.

After a while, an agency will start sorting through women's profiles, and will only list the most sellable faces. The addresses of women are rarely verified, and women are almost never contacted on a regular bases. Because women typically send their profiles to many local agencies, it is likely that she has already received letters through other services eventhough her profile may seem new on existing site.

When agency's database becomes large enough - typically over 1000 profiles, they will start offering romantic trips to Russia or Ukraine. At this stage an agency typically established an office in a russian city. Tours is where agencies make their biggest profits.

Joining larger agencies has its positives and negatives. Among positives, it is established operation and a larger database of profiles. This can also be a negative - a large agency typically has many clients that compete for best women. If you choose a large Western agency, pick ones that offer a database of new profiles accessible to members only - this way you will be able to contact ladies who just started their search, and are not yet involved in correspondense or relationships.

Local Russian Marriage Agencies

In Russian language there is no word "dating" - local agencies usually call themselves "marriage" or "introduction". Local agencies place their ads in Russian newspapers only. They have a smaller pool of profiles, but they know their clientelle better.

A typical russian agency takes a fee from women - somewhere between $2 and $50, with an average being $10. Some agencies offer free listings to women under 30. It is often a high price for a woman, and many women don't even bother to contact them. Even if a woman places her profile with agency, she usually gives up quickly, after trying to contact several men from the agency's catalog with no result. Generally women don't believe they can find a husband abroad.

Local agencies make most of their money on correspondence between the men and their female clients, and on gift delivery. Sometimes they offer individual tours for men, but rarely have a buyer. Some agencies encourage ladies to write letters.

To avoid heartbreak, or a con artist, ask about woman's address and phone number in the very first letter. Read more about anti-scam here.

We hope this guide will help you to choose the right Russian Dating Agency

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