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You may be surprised, but russian dating scams are very common. Internet scams are easy to pull off, and dating scammers usually hide themselves pretty well. It is not unusual to see profiles of the same women appear on many different sites.

Usually scammers are up to one thing - to get your money. Always take caution when you hear stories such as "my mother is sick" or "I don't have money for food" that are followed by the request to send money. Don't ever send money to Russia or Ukraine before you confirm an identity of a woman - usually her physical address and phone number. Remember, that email addresses and internet identities are easily spoofed by dating scammers.

Below are several resources you may find helpful on the subject of russian dating anti-scam:

Russian Brides Anti-Scam Guide
- for men seeking a Russian wife. Know what you are getting into before you invest your heart, money, or your life. Is there a way to find an HONEST SINCERE RUSSIAN GIRL?

Background checks on all Russians
Background checks on your Russian Date, Internet friend or Potential Mate. BE SMART AND SAFE: Take control of your future!

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