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Russian Women and Sex

When it comes to Russian women and sex, the myths that you may have heard are just that — myths. However, to a certain extent, there are some guidelines and differences for Russian women and sex as compared to their American counterparts.

One of the many stereotypes that you hear about Russian women and sex is that they feel sex is something that to be ashamed of. This is untrue. Russian women do enjoy sex, but it is something that isn’t usually discussed in public. Russian women feel that sex should be saved for private times, and that sex is something that should happen "naturally".

That said, if you begin to talk about sex, you may find that her answers are short. In terms of Russian women and sex, because they value sex as a private act, they do not want to talk about it necessarily. Russian women tend to want to "feel", rather than discuss.

You will also want to note about Russian women and sex that if you are to mention in the first letter that you like physical contact—or worse, mention details of your sexual life—she may feel that you are a sexual maniac. Russian women would prefer to see your other sides and will assume you know about the subject, and use your knowledge when appropriate, when she is comfortable with you.

Russian women would like to see honest, intelligent and compassionate partner, who is emotionally savvy and good in bed. And if you are not an expert, don’t panic, russian woman would enjoy educating you if she loves you and you are willing to learn.

If you’re concerned about Russian women and sex, then all you need to know is that if the time is right, then you will both know it. There’s just no need for intensive discussion. These kinds of talk may only make her uncomfortable.

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