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Visa and Marriage

Marrying a Russian Woman
After marrying a Russian woman, the love you feel will only carry the relationship so far. As in other relationships, you may have found them to be more work than you had anticipated.
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Shopping for Clothes and Food Together
When it comes to shopping for clothes and food together, there are some things to keep in mind. Not only are you both beginning a relationship together and learning to work together, but this is also an opportune time to teach her about the west and where you live.
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Russian Wedding Customs
Russian wedding customs are quite simpler than western customs mainly due to economic conditions and for their propensity for simplicity rather than vulgar spending. At the same time, there are similarities that you will recognize.
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Prenuptial Agreement Basics
A prenuptial agreement has become a normal part of the marriage process in the west, but it can also become a point of contention for a Russian bride. In the interest of protecting yourself and your hard-earned assets, here is some advice to approach the subject.
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Your Document Checklist
Once you’ve found the woman that you’d like to marry, you want to begin a document checklist that will list what documents she needs to marry you. Many of these you may be able to get while you visit her in her homeland, so it’s good to remember this document checklist.
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Even with a Russian Woman, Marriage is Hard Work
To a Russian woman, marriage is a life long commitment that you both must work on. Although marriage is something that seems like it should just fall into place after the honeymoon, the reality of living together is something that can be challenging.
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How to Help your Russian Fiance
Now that you’ve brought your new Russian fiance to the place that you live, how can you make it easier for her to adjust? This is an overwhelming time for your Russian fiance and anything to make it less stressful will be appreciated.
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Marriage Visa Information
Now that your Russian fiance has decided that she wants to stay with you and marry you, you need to look into a marriage visa to make it permanent. The procedure is detailed, but with some time and care, you can get everything in place for your new life together.
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Can I Invite a Single Russian Woman to Visit?
When you want to invite single Russian woman to visit, you may find that it’s more difficult than a regular tourist visa. In fact, in many cases, the channels are more frustrating to your woman friend than is necessary.
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An Overview of Green Card Marriage Information
Making your new bride a permanent citizen of the United States involves a green card, marriage, and a commitment to making the relationship work. In terms of legalities, you need to follow a specific process to ensure that you will obtain the green card for your wife.
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Applying for Fiance Visa
When you are interested in seeing if your special woman would like to marry you, you can begin the process of applying for fiancé visa. It can be nerve wracking if you’re not thorough, so read this advice.
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