Even with a Russian Woman, Marriage is Hard Work
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Even with a Russian Woman, Marriage is Hard Work

To a Russian woman, marriage is a life long commitment that you both must work on. Although marriage is something that seems like it should just fall into place after the honeymoon, the reality of living together is something that can be challenging.

Making your marriage last

For you and your Russian woman, marriage will not be all joy and happiness. Working on your communication is first. You want to make sure that you are always talking and learning how to discuss things that are important to each other. If you work a lot of hours, then you need to set aside time each day to talk either by phone or in person. By always having time to talk about issues, you can make sure that problems can be solved quickly.

With a Russian woman, marriage can be difficult due to the feeling of seclusion at first. You want to make sure that you both do things together and that she feels that she can venture out of the house to meet new friends as well. Maybe there’s a gym that she would like to work out at, or a place to go for walks by herself. Find something that she would enjoy so that she feels like a part of her strange surroundings. Make sure that she can call her family regularly.

With a Russian woman, marriage is a big step, so she wants to be comfortable and feel that she is doing a ‘good’ job supporting you as a wife should. Be appreciative for anything she does and you will reap a healthy and happy marriage.

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