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Dating Issues

Types of Russian Marriage Agencies
The various types of Russian marriage agencies are divided into tiers of professionalism. In order to be sure that you are starting off your search with the right services, you will want to understand their differences.
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Russian Matchmakers
Russian matchmakers are just one of the many ways to find a Russian woman of your dreams. They can come in the form of online dating services or dating agencies that work with you personally.
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Handling Credit Card Fraud
Credit card fraud is a more common crime in these days of continuous electronic transactions. You do have rights as a consumer, especially if the agency is not based in the United States. However, as with any credit card discrepancies, you will need to be vigilant.
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Biggest Problem of Russian Brides
One of the biggest problems of Russian brides is that they are not necessarily ready for the new culture they will be living in. They have been looking for love, not a new language and a strange land.
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Should You Be Doing Background Checks?
There are many con artists that will try to take your money and get away with it because you might feel embarrassed - after all we are talking about loving relationship. But for an extra measure of security, background checks are strongly recommended.
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The Debate of Sending Money and Gifts
Sending money and gifts seems to be a great way to show that you care about your relationship, but since you may not have met the woman yet, you may also be falling victim to a scam.
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Russian Woman Scams a.k.a. Russian Dating Internet Scams
The Internet is a fabulous tool that is helping connect people from all walks of life, but the lack of personal contact has led to an abundance of con artists. Russian woman scams have recently come to light and men from all around the world have been duped into paying money to women that donít exist
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What is a Russian Woman Black List?
hile a Russian woman black list might sound frightening, itís actually a protective measure for you and your dating search. Itís sad to think that even finding love is a dangerous venture, but there are con artists that will attempt to take advantage of you if youíre not careful.
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