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Why Western Men Hunt for Russian Women
The real reason why western men hunt for Russian women is that they can not find what they are looking for in western women. Many western women donít have the time for children or even a husband. On the other hand, Russian women are appreciative of a stable home life
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Types of Russian Women Looking for a Foreign Husband
There are many types of Russian women looking for a foreign husband. Some are older, some are younger. Some are looking to get out of Russia, while others want to find better opportunities in the west. No matter the reasoning, you will want to understand it in order to proceed.
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Russian Women and Romance
When it comes to Russian women and romance, you will find that some things donít change with geography. Women enjoy romance no matter where they are, so here are some tips to show that you care and want to make your special woman happy.
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Russian Women and Civil Marriage
One of things that you may not realize about Russian women and civil marriage is that the two must go together when they are married in Russia. Church weddings are not recognized in the country, so a civil ceremony must be done as well.
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Russian Woman Glossary
Having a Russian woman glossary can help you figure out what her profile actually means. Sometimes itís just a matter of translation or just an honest miscommunication, but it can make you confused if you have no idea about the Russian language and what she might really be saying. Hereís some help.
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Russian Names
As your last name signifies where you have come from, as do Russian names have special meaning for Russian women and men. It can be good to know where your Russian womanís name comes from so that you can better understand her history and her culture.

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Qualities of Russian Women
There is a certain mystery that makes the qualities of Russian women enviable and desirable. Of course, what is mentioned in this article does not apply to all Russian women, but these are the things that are repeated time and time again by happy, newly-married men.
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How to Get to Know a Russian Girl
Now that youíve gotten off the plane and into Moscow or some other city in Russia, the nervousness begins to set in. What should you say? What should you do? This article will help ease your fears and give you some tips on how to get to know a Russian girl on this kind of visit.
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Russian Women and Sex
When it comes to Russian women and sex, the myths that you may have heard are just thatómyths. However, to a certain extent, there are some guidelines and differences for Russian women and sex as compared to their American counterparts.
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