Russian Woman Scams a.k.a. Russian Dating Internet Scams
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Russian Woman Scams a.k.a. Russian Dating Internet Scams

The Internet is a fabulous tool that is helping connect people from all walks of life, but the lack of personal contact has led to an abundance of con artists. Russian woman scams have recently come to light and men from all around the world have been duped into paying money to women that donít exist. In an effort to avoid these Russian dating Internet scams, here are a few things to look out for when you begin.

Identifying scams

Many men will say that they will know when they are being misledóthatís not necessarily true. In many cases, Russian woman scams occur because the man truly wants to begin a relationship with someone. However, if the woman seems to be quickly interested in marriage with the man, the man should be concerned. Although this doesnít mean that itís a scam, it has been noted as the beginning of many Russian dating Internet scams.

The woman begins to offer a lot of affection when she then asks the man for money. The reason will be goodórelativeís surgery, her internet connection, schoolóbut it is just a ploy to get money from the man in these Russian woman scams. In some cases, the woman doesnít even exist.

Russian dating Internet scams can also occur with an agency that isnít legitimate. If there isnít clear contact information or a Ďfunnyí looking email address, you should become suspicious. These agencies may be circulating pictures of women that arenít really available, but will try to coerce men out of money. Russian woman scams arenít the norm, but you do need to be looking out for warning signs.

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