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Dating a Russian Bride

What you should know

When you’re looking for a special relationship, you try to find out all that you can to give you and the relationship the best chance of surviving. When it comes to dating a Russian bride, it’s the same case.

First things first, find out about the woman that you are dating. Take the time to ask her questions about her home and her family. Do some research on the region that she grew up in, what kind of traditions she upholds, and what kind of foods she enjoys. You want to find out as much about her as you can so that you can relate to her and do things for her that she would find special. Maybe there’s a holiday or a day that she find special, and knowing that about her, you can show that you care.

Another good piece of advice when dating a Russian bride is to learn her native language. By finding out what region she is from, you may also be able to determine the difference in dialect and that will make a great impression on her. Find a Russian translator that you can work with and take your time to learn your bride’s language. She is probably trying to learn English, so why not do the same for her?

It’s more about finding ways to show that you care that will help you in dating a Russian bride. If you’re honest about how much you care, you will find that it’s easy to show her that the miles don’t matter—only your feelings.

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Dating Tip Number 1006

Russian Women Dating Tips Question: I don't know russian at all. Will I be able to meet a nice russian lady?

Answer: Yes, but...there are lots of translation services available, and English is commonly taught in russian schools, so you should be able to communicate. But don't you want to speak to your potential wife directly? Get yourself a dictionary and start learning!

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