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Myths about Russian Women

There are many, many myths about Russian women. You may have heard that they are only trying to get out of Russia or that they just want your money. Well, although there are bad apples in every bunch, there are more myths about Russian women that need to be dispelled.

Telling the truth

One of the biggest myths about Russian women is that they are only looking to be housewives and family creators. Although this is true for some of the women, it is not the case in all instances. If you are interested in a younger woman, they may not want to settle down at first, so you will need to be very particular about expressing what you are expecting. Older Russian women are more settled in their lives and might make better stay-at-home wives, rather than the younger Russian women.

Another of the myths of Russian women is that they do not have career goals or ambitions. This is generally not the case for all younger women. Many of these women already have careers and jobs, and expect to do something similar in the west. Unfortunately, you may hear from the agency that the women are looking to be housewives, while the agency is telling them that they can have great careers. Being very open in communicating will ensure that you are both happy in your relationship, rather than realizing that you didnít think about each otherís dreams and life goals.

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Russian Women Dating Tips Question: Russian women would like to marry an american or other foreign man because they are poor in Russia.
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Answer: Although often this is true, sometimes money alone is not the main issue

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