What about Older Russian Women?
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What about Older Russian Women?

Can you find older Russian women to date?

If you’re looking for older Russian women out of preference or out of trying to find someone closer to your age, then you are in luck. Although many of the Russian women that you will find in agencies and online communities are younger, there are also many older Russian women who are available.

Now, western men dating older Russian women isn’t the most common arrangement, but it does still happen. Many older Russian women over the age of thirty five are happy to date younger western men. And many happy couples have been begun with this age difference. If you are set on dating older Russian women, then you want to be up front about your age preference. You don’t have to explain why at first, but if the woman should ask, you can tell her that you just enjoy the company of an older woman.

You shouldn’t think that older Russian women are any less beautiful or educated than their younger counterparts. As many older western men are looking for younger women, these women are in the same position. You really want to focus on the person and not her age as an indicator of a certain personality or certain temperament.

When it comes to love, older Russian women are just as available as younger Russian women. If you desire someone who is a bit older, or closer to your age, then be up front about your wishes and you’ll find exactly what you are looking for.

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Answer: Look at the ad. Russian women are usually honest when they write what they expect from you. If they want a "serious businessman", don't expect that it means "enough money to support me". Typically, women who can speak English and went to trouble consulting dating agencies are serious and know what they want. That alone, plus their pictures should help you improve your chances considerably.

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