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Russian Women - Why Foreigners?

Why Russian Women are Looking for Foreign Men

Russian women are beautiful and well-educated, so why are so many looking to foreign men for marriage? This is simple enough to answer. The reason why foreigners are more attractive is because some Russian men just don’t have certain qualities that these women are looking for.

Many Russian women are finding that the economic climate of Russia has led to a decline in high-paying jobs, thus Russian men are not able to provide for their families as well as many Western men. Couple that with alcoholism in Russian men, which is unfortunately increasing—probably due to this sad state of affairs—and you’ll find another reason why foreigners are so attractive. Russian women want men who are well-providing, stable companions and husbands. Family is important to Russian women and the better the environment, the stronger the family unit.

Another reason why foreigners are so desirable to Russian women is that these foreign men understand that women are to be treated with respect and equality. Western men are appreciative of women and want to make sure that the relationship works for both participants. These men are well-informed as to how to make a women feel important and valued.

Although the same can be said of all women, Russian women are interested in finding someone who is a partner in the relationship. Of course, there are Russian men who fit these standards, but some Russian women find that Western men are more suitable. And that’s why foreigners are able to find these wonderful, single Russian women.

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