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Dating Advice: First Kiss

Of all of the dating advice, first kiss questions are the first ones to come up after the relationship has begun. When do you make the first move? Who makes the first move? When is a good time to kiss and when isnít? Is it different in other cultures? Letís look at these questions.

In terms of dating advice, first kiss confusion is easy to stumble on. Your main concern is usually that itís the right time. And timing is very important. You donít want to see as thought thatís all that you want from a woman, but at the same time, you also want to make sure that you seem interested. Human beings are fascinating in the fact that they can usually sense when the time is right. It might be the end of the night and sheís leaning in the doorway, thereís an awkward pause, and then the first kiss just happens.

When it comes to dating advice, first kiss anxiety is made out to be much bigger than it needs to be. If you are having a good time with your date, youíre laughing or talking a lot and you really seem to be enjoying each otherís company, then it may be the right date for a kiss. If you do decide to kiss, keep your lips relaxed and just sink into the kiss. Donít try to analyze how youíre doing.

Of course, of all dating advice, first kiss anxiety can be relieved with simply asking. This might seem unromantic, but most women will respond well to this. And if she should say no, then you should stop and wait until the time is right. Or this may be indication that itís never going to be the right time.

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