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Reading Between the Lines

When you are looking through and reading all of the online profiles for Russian women (as well as other ethnic groups), it is helpful to learn the art of reading between the lines. Not only can this help to find the perfect woman, but it will also help you to discern the "true" applicants from the scam artists.

One of the things to consider in reading between the lines of online profiles is the age of the men that the woman is looking for. If there is a large range of ages that a woman is looking for, you may be dealing with a possible con artist. You want to find a woman who is generally looking at someone within twenty years of her age. Anything more and this profile may just be looking to ‘ensnare’ as many prospects as possible.

You will also want to look at more than one dating website to ensure that this particular woman’s profile isn’t on more than one site. This reading between the lines takes a little more work, but in the interest of your affection, it’s a good thing to consider. Check to see if ‘she’ has posted her picture on various sites. You may find that the same picture is being used with different names on different sites. This is a major red flag.

Although reading between the lines can get very complicated, you will more than likely never run into problems with the women that you meet online. After checking up on their legitimacy, you can then make your own list of criteria and start your search from there.

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