Why You Should be Reading Body Language
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Why You Should be Reading Body Language

Reading body language has become a bit of a science to some people because of the realization that the mouth can only say so much. Your body can react quite differently if you are lying or just not being entirely truthful. Reading body language is especially important in a new relationship because it can tell you what you need to be asking or to stop what you are already doing.

Thankfully, it just takes some common sense when reading body language. Think about this situation: if a woman is crossing her legs and arms when you talk to her, does that seem like she is interested? She is physically closing herself off to your words. She might be feeling angry in this case. If you experience this, you may want to stop what you are saying and ask if there is anything wrong. You may be able to diffuse any tension and make for a better conversation.

On the other, more positive hand, reading body language can also tell you of a person’s interest in you. If the other person looks at you intently and keeps her body language open, then you can usually assume that you are well-received. She will either touch you or just pay really close attention to you in order to show that she is interested in you and what you are saying. If you see these kinds of signs, then you should return the favor by asking her a question about her at that point. This back and forth sharing will grow into interest.

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