Sexual Myths that Can Hurt Your Marriage
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Sexual Myths that Can Hurt Your Marriage

In a relationship that may be lacking clear communication in the beginning, the prospect of sexual relations can become a sticky one. You will want to know about these sexual myths in order to keep your relationship strong.

Destroying the lies

The first of the sexual myths that we will discuss is that your relationship will never have any sexual problems. This is never the case, even in the strongest of relationships. What makes a relationship strong is not the lack of sexual problems, but rather the way that you approach them. Keeping the lines of communication open will help to fix any problems as they arise. This also brings up the sexual myth that you donít need to work on your relationship ó not true. Working on your relationship is what will make it stronger with every passing year.

Other sexual myths include that size matters and that a woman should have an orgasm with intercourse alone. First of all, it is how the man performs sexually ó is he caring about the womanís needs and her feelings? That goes much farther than any physical dimension. And as for the latter, most women do not enjoy orgasms with intercourse, but need other methods of stimulation. Taking the time to figure out what she does need will help to create a satisfying sexual relationship for the both of you. You can not read each otherís minds. Set aside some time (outside of the bedroom) to talk about your sexual desires, and you will find that your passion only grows because of the open communication.

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